Spaetzle Recipes

Covering basic to herbed, to cheese spaetzle, to sautéed, simmered and fried. Don’t forget spaetzle for sweet with bananas or apples. Lets see!

mediteranean spaetzle salad

Mediterranean Spaetzle Salad

The combination of Basil, sun-dried tomatoes and chorizo sausage, gives this a typical but unique mediterannean flavour. Ingredients (Serves 4) FOR SPAETZLE 2 cups plain flour1 tsp. salt2 eggsapprox. 1 cup water FOR SALAD 200gm chopped ham or Chorizo1/2 cup semi sun dried tomatoes2 tbsp. chopped basil, chopped parsley2 hard-boiled eggs, diced1/4 cup herbed olives1/2

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Spaetzle Summer Salad

The most adaptable salad recipe you will ever come across. Once you have made it the first time, then you understand the many variations that you can imagine. Ingredients For Spaetzle 2 cups plain flour1 tsp. salt2 eggsapprox. 1 cup water For Salad 200 chopped ham or smoked chicken or steamed prawns or cabana¼ cup

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Spinach & Spaetzle Salad

Ingredients  2 cups wholemeal spelt plain flour (you can use any kind of flour)1 tsp. salt2 eggsapprox. 1 cup water FOR SALAD ¼ cup diced red capsicum1 tbsp. chopped parsley2 cups finely shredded baby spinach or Kale1/2 cup shredded snow peas1/2 small red onion finely chopped1 cup diced chopped cooked pumpkin – dont over cook1/4

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Chicken and Mushroom Spaetzle

Chicken and Mushroom Spaetzle Ingredients: Spaetzle 2 cups flour2 eggsMilk, saltMake spaetzle as normal. Put aside. Main Dish 3 chicken breasts – cubed1 large onion250gm sliced button mushrooms½ finely chopped capsicum2 cups steamed broccoli (or other steamed vegetables)2 chicken stock cubes¼ cup grated fresh parmesan cheeseSaltCracked black pepper250ml cream3 tablespoon corn flour dissolved in same

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Spinach Spaetzle

Ingredients: 200 g (2 cups) plain flour2 eggs½ – ¾ cup water125 g finely chopped frozen spinach (fresh spinach may be used, finely chopped or minced)1 tspn salt¼ tspn ground nutmeg. Method: Mix flour and eggs and salt. Add spinach with as much water pressed out as possible. Lastly add water to consistency. Take a

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