Spätzle in a pot

How To Make Spaetzle

It is so simple to make, whatever device you use or spaetzle equipment you have, or maybe how you can make spaetzle without a spaetzle maker too. Three ingredients and a pot of water will create deliciousness on a plate.

which spaetzle maker do I buy?

Which Spaetzle maker do I use?

Confused about which spaetzle maker to buy? Which is better for long spaetzle, short spaetzle or gluten free spaetzle? Don't worry - we explain the differences in spaetzle makers covering types of spaetzle, cost, and use.

gluten free spaetzle recipes

Gluten Free - Allergy Free

If you are a Coeliac or have a food allergy - Don't worry. You won't miss out on your favourite spaetzle. Gluten Free spaetzle is easy to make and tastes just as delicious. If you are allergic to Eggs or lactose intolerant - you won't miss out either! Check out our yummy recipes specially for you!

Whether you write Spätzle or  Spaetzle, and from wherever you learnt how to make it.

We all agree that it is delicious and reminds us of our Oma’s kitchen!

Späetzle Recipes -something for every taste

How many ways to make spaetzle?

There may only be one traditional spaetzle recipe that your Oma used to make, but every region in Germany and many European countries all have their own ‘The Only Way’ to cook spaetzle recipe handed down through the family.

If you didn’t realise, there are many recipes to make Spaetzle. From traditional with flour, eggs and milk, to adventurous tastes adding something special to the batter, or simmering it in broth, or even deep frying to get a cinnamon covered doughnut. The only thing limiting your Spaetzle Recipe – is your imagination.

Have a look at what we have for you!

There are many different Spaetzle Makers:

You may think you can only use wheat flour for Spaetzle, but there are many other options. Have you ever tried buckwheat, chickpea or gluten-free flour?

Read more….

How-To Spaetzle Videos

See how spaetzle is made with these quick videos.

Using different devices and methods.

Watch now…….

Spaetzle Substitutes

Switch, Change and Substitute.

Love Spaetzle but can’t have dairy? Allergic to eggs? Coeliac?
Learn what you can substitute in spaetzle ingredients but still have the same great taste.

You don’t have to miss out on Spaetzle anymore!

Let’s Switch……..

Traditional Spaetzle ~ Spätzle ~ Knopfle ~German Nudeln ~ Mini Dumplings

Depending on your heritage or what part of Europe your family came from, this then reflects in what we call Spatzle.

Originating in Bavaria, with records from the 1500’s, (documented) we know that everyone loves them, everyone’s Oma made them a special way and now they are not just the traditional flour, eggs and water. The number of ways they can be made according to device, recipes for sweet and savoury spaetzle, is only limited by your imagination and taste.

How Many Ways Can You Cook Spaetzle?

So there are many ways to ultimately ‘cook Spaetzle but traditionally, only the one way to make it. For example, you have your batter and using a Spaetzle Press/Hoble/Board, drop into water and then it is cooked! But there are so many ways to utilise Spaetzle and the taste is vastly different each time.

Let’s have a look at how many Spaetzle Recipes we can come up with?


While mostly you cook the Spaetzle in a pot of boiling water, you can also drop it straight into a broth or stock, or any other liquid. Try flavouring your stock with spices, garlic and chilli or fresh herbs.


Off course you add salt and sometimes pepper to the flour, how about trying dried herbs and spices? I actually have made it with Moroccon spice which went very well with a Lamb Korma.


Gravy is very often used with Spaetzle but what about it’s very own sauce?  Thinking along the lines of a Cheese Sauce (macaroni cheese maybe) but what about a Tomato and Basil sauce, or a Mustard Sauce? Give it a try.


What do you do with your cooked Spaetzle? Serve as it is, maybe sauté in a little butter, why not take it to the next level. Make Spaetzle the Hero of your dish and add extras. I sauté onions, Bacon or Ham, Bell Peppers (Capsicum) and Mushrooms. Then throw in a handful of grated Cheese and chopped parsley. Voila! Quick and Easy meal.


You might have never had sweet Spaetzle, but adding something like mashed Banana and Cinnamon to the batter, or stewed Apple, perhaps Nutella even. Serve with a light sweet custard, your children will want more.


Now this is my very own creation. Mixing it around a little bit, but the batter is cooked in oil and then rolled in Cinnamon. Just like mini doughnuts, and it tastes even better with Nutella or Peanut Butter in the batter.

So you can see, there are many ways to cook, make, or use Spaetzle. What was once a Traditional Recipe has moved with the times and can suit anybody’s taste, culture or dietary requirement.

basil and tomato spaetzle
Basil & Tomato Spaetzle
Spinach Spaetzle
spatznuts cinnamon spaetzle
Spatz Nutz Cinnamon Spätzle

Spaetzle Cooking Tips

EGGS: Make sure your eggs are at room temperature for your spaetzle. Larger eggs are better.

FLOUR: Plain flour/All Purpose flour is uses mostly for spaetzle. But it can be substituted with Buckwheat, Chickpea, Spelt, Wholemeal and many others. Spaetzle is a versatile pasta.

LIQUID: A lot of debate but milk or water can be used, or depending on your recipe, other liquids such as coconut water for sweet spaetzle. Get creative.

SPICES: Salt and Pepper definitely, but you can add anything from curry powder to cinnamon to your spaetzle. Sweet or Savoury, spaetzle always taste delicious.


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