Pumpkin Spaetzle


1 1/2 cups cold mashed pumpkin
3 cups plain flour
1 tsp. salt
3 eggs
approx. 1/2 cup water or milk.


  • In a large bowl combine flour, salt, eggs, cold mashed pumpkin, and sufficient liquid to form a soft dough.
  • Mixture should be of similar consistency to a cake mixture.
  • Take a large pot, fill 2/3rds full of water and bring to boil.
  • Pour half the mixture on to the Spaetzle Maker. Using the plastic scraper spread the mixture back and forth through the holes into the simmering water. If mixture is very easy to spread, it is the right consistency. If the mixture is too thin, you will end up with thin spaetzle.
  • Remove the spaetzle maker and rest on a plate.
  • When Spaetzle float to the top of water, simmer Spaetzle for approximately 3 minutes. Use a skimmer to lift Spaetzle out, place into a bowl or on a platter and keep warm.
  • Repeat process until mixture is used up.
  • Spaetzle are now ready to be served.

Serving Suggestions

Pumpkin Spaetzle and Roast Lamb are a good combination, Try adding a little grated ginger and a little sour cream to the gravy to give it a slightly different flavour.