Spaetzle Cooking Videos

Here we showcase the basic way to make spaetzle batter, and spaetzle itself.

NOTE: Everyone has their own way to make it, each device is different. Everyone’s handed down traditional spaetzle recipe is different. It depends where your family comes from in Europe.

Different names, different ingredients for different tastes.

We hope you enjoy the easy way to make spaetzle.

How to make Spaetzle batter

How to make Spaetzle Batter

There are different variations that you can try after learning the basics.

Have a look here:

Using a Paddle Spaetzle maker


How to make Spaetzle with a Silt Profi, or a single device.

Blink and you will miss it!

That’s how long it takes to make spaetzle.

Using a Nanas Gluten Free paddle for Spaetzle

How to make Spaetzle Batter with a Nanas Gluten Free Paddle.

Using commercial grade gluten-free flour, which is perfect for ease of use here. Does easily through the specially designed holes in the device. Ideal for big batches as well.

Spätzle Makers - What's the Difference?

There are many types of spaetzle makers on the market, each has their own style, ease of use or benefit. Have a look at how different devices create different styled spaetzle pasta. We have listed each device and the kind of spaetzle they make.

Let’s compare…….

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