Spinach Spaetzle


200 g (2 cups) plain flour
2 eggs
½ – ¾ cup water
125 g finely chopped frozen spinach (fresh spinach may be used, finely chopped or minced)
1 tspn salt
¼ tspn ground nutmeg.


  • Mix flour and eggs and salt.
  • Add spinach with as much water pressed out as possible.
  • Lastly add water to consistency.
  • Take a large pot, fill 2/3rds full of water and bring to boil.
  • Rinse the Spaetzle Maker in cold water and place on top of pot. Pour half the mixture on to the Spaetzle Maker. Using the plastic scraper spread the mixture back and forth through the holes into the simmering water. If mixture is very easy to spread, it is the right consistency. If the mixture is too thin, you will end up with thin spaetzle.
  • Repeat process until mixture is used up.
  • Spaetzle can either be served as is, or fry diced onions in butter, add pine nuts and then stir in Spinach Spaetzle. Sprinkle with a little grated cheese and serve.