Xmas Gifting

I love Xmas, Don’t You?

The smell of pine trees and sweet candles. The magic at night time from the Xmas tree, with lights and tinsel (better yet lametta). Maybe Christmas markets. The spirit of sharing good times with friends with a glass of celebration or festive menus. The atmosphere of Christmas in itself.

This is not reflective of where you live but where you want to be. This Christmas atmosphere is from my own creation.

I don’t get caught up in the Christmas hype of buying presents that cost $$$ that really no one wants, or you can afford. Perhaps gets resold on eBay or re-gifted or donated to the Goodwill store. (I heard on the news yesterday that the average cost of a family gift is $500 and sometimes standard $1,000!)

It hasn’t always been so. I used to spend so much money in the lead up to Christmas purely because I am a generous person and if I could afford it, would give family and friends what they wish for. But then I discovered what they treasured most was the personal touches. The Christmas cake that I would start making in October. Had to marinate the fruit for six weeks so it was a process but it signified that Christmas was on the horizon. Or the time I spent with people. Catching up for lunch, going to the movies, having a friend over for a bottle of wine and catching up on the latest gossip. That is what everone treasures.

Your T I M E.

So this year instead of a Christmas cake (secret recipe here), I adapted Linzer Torte to a spicy cookie that was gift wrapped. Along with my Spicy Cherry Jam is a mini hamper friends love to receive from me.

I get so much fun out of making presents, it’s almost selfish. Fun for me to make, and when I see them open their gifts, very happy.

So do you buy or make your gifts? Perhaps you give experiences, or useful items under $50. It gets you thinking about that to give. Like I always give my brother a bottle of glass cleaner and a cleaning cloth for his spectacles. He is always running out of that.

It’s the little things that count the most.

What do you give, I would love to know?