swap eggs for tofu

Spaetzle Substitutes

Love Spaetzle but can’t have dairy? Allergic to eggs? Coeliac?
Learn what you can substitute in ‘spaetzle ingredients’ but still have the same great taste.

You don’t have to miss out on Spaetzle anymore!

spaetzle milk

There is great debate over whether you should use water or milk, but I have used both with no difference at all.

Liquid: Water of any kind is fine.

Milk: Full cream, skim, lite, buttermilk. Almond and Oat milk seemed fine too.

Eggs: While eggs traditionally is one of the 3 main ingredients for spaetzle, not everyone can eat them. So what can we substitute for eggs? Of course there are commercial egg replacers available from the chiller section in your supermarket – but what else? I have used silken tofu many times with great success. Natural yoghurt has also worked but not as rich in taste.

spaetzle flour

Wheat Flour is used traditionally, but have also used any of the gluten free flours, chick pea flour, wholemeal and buckwheat.

Check out the recipes here……

spaetzle oil

Oil or Butter is used in several steps.

Put 1 tblspn oil into the pot before cooking to prevent spaetzle sticking to each other, or to sauté their spaetzle in butter or olive oil and herbs.

I even use an oil spray on the device to prevent the dough sticking when making it. Depends on the use with spaetzle, but can be swapped around. Even with tahini instead of butter.

spaetzle cheese

So is there any substitute for cheese when making kasespaetzle? I think not BUT there are other options that are just as delicious.  Try pesto for example.

spaetzle vinegar

Sometimes you need a splash when making a spaetzle summer salad and if you don’t have vinegar, lemon juice does just fine.

I have used all vinegars like apple cider or raspberry, but my favourite is Balsamic. Cuts through any dough depth and eggy after taste.

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