Spaetzle Makers – What’s the Difference?

what spaetzle maker do I use?

As many different spaetzle makers and devices that you will find, they also result in a different type of spaetzle being made. Long, short, buttons, strings, noodles, dumplings, soft and fluffy, firmer dough.

We did a test trial for you, so let’s look at the options we have:


Silit Profi

I have used the Silit Profi for many years. Love that there are no moving parts, stainless steel and doesn’t rust.

Spaetzle with a tail, mixture goes through very well and doesn’t have to be runny.

Silit Profi spaetzle
spaetzle Hobel

Spaetzle Hobel

Old Fashioned Design

This one I use from my mother is about 40 years old. They do rust over time. Works easier ion you spray with a little oil before using.

‘Button’ like (knopfle) spaetzle, takes a while running it back and forth.

spaetzle hobel

Spaetzle Platter

Fits most pots

Have to be careful that it fits ‘inside’ the pot rim so spaetzle mixture doesn’t go over the edge.

With a softer batter, you can get longer spaetzle.

spaetzle platter
spaetzle press

Spaetzle Press

Potato Ricer or Press

Almost like thin fresh spaghetti, and goes wonderfully with a sauce and mushrooms.

Looks very impressive and spaetzle press is easy to use but don’t have thick batter.

spaetzle press

Nanas Spaetzle

Nanas Gluten Free Spaetzle maker

Designed for use with gluten free flour (which has a different consistency) it can be used with any flour at all.

Great for making big batches of spaetzle and works very fast.

nanas spaetzle

Spaetzle Colander

Colander alternative

Sometimes you just have to use whatever you have. I found the colander ok only if it had larger holes and the batter was runny. Otherwise was hard work.

colander spaetzle

Spaetzle Museum

Researching spaetzle back through the years and the first mention was about the 1500’s in Germany. The board and knife has been in use up until the early 1900s before different devices came onto the market. It appears the Spaetzle imagination was not limited by the many inventors that designed and created different models of spatula makers, press, hobel, platter, and of course the Spaetzle Witch.

antique spaetzle maker 2
antique spaetzle makers 1

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